Physik Department TUM
Seminars :: Current semester  

Seminar on Particle and Nuclear Physics
Date Time Speaker Title
Tue, 23.2.17 (at TUM) 11:00 Quibo Chen Effective field theory of deformed nuclei
11:45 Corbinian Wellenhofer Chiral nuclear equation of state for astrophysics applications
13.30 Susanne Strohmeier Equation of state of neutron-rich nuclear matter from chiral pion-nucleon dynamics
14.15 Paul Springer Constraining low-energy models of QCD by fundamental quark-gluon interactions
15.00 Bolin Huang Meson-baryon scattering to 1-loop in SU(3) HBChPT
15:45 Clemens Kuhlenkamp Cross section for the processes πγ→4π;
16:15 Norbert Kaiser Radiative correction to nucleon magnetic moments

External Seminars & Colloquia
Time Event Place
Mo 5:15 pm Münchner Physik Kolloquium Alternating between Physik Department, Garching, HS 2, and LMU Sektion Physik, Schellingstraße 4, München, H 030
Mo 2:15 pm Seminar: Physics of Strong Interactions PH 3344 Garching
Th 4:15 pm MLL Kolloquium PH 127 Garching
13.10.16 Science Day Research Area B, Universe Cluster LMU, Lecture Hall
20.10.16 Science Day Research Area G, Universe Cluster LMU, Lecture Hall